We want to be recognized in the market as one of the South American leaders, in the field of mining products and projects for concentrator plants.
We seek customer satisfaction, through continuous improvement of our projects and work well done, to ensure the quality of mining processes with our products.

Deliver a high standard engineering service for the projects requested by our clients, and thus, become a strategic partner for them.
Our commitment is to be able to identify problems and find solutions for them, thus creating value for the long-term relationship.

SIOM SpA was founded in Chile in 2010 as a family business, to be a pioneer in the area of rubber and polyurethane. Over the course of time SIOM has achieved great growth, expanding the specialized business areas and opening a plant in Peru in 2013, thus improving coverage in the field of inspection projects and services. SIOM has established itself as one of the main players in the mining market in Chile and Peru, specifically in concentrator plants, delivering solutions to improve classification, abrasion and impact elements. Today, the company’s growth is focused on the development of technologies and materials to meet the productive objectives of mining companies.

SIOM delivers great importance to the area of Corporate Social Responsibility of the company, positioning its employees as the most important actor in the organization. It seeks to empower people and their families, taking into account that the human factor is the main value for the development of any society. Individual and collective growth is pursued in material, professional and personal terms; trying to maintain the balance between work and personal environment.